Artist Biography

As I thumb through the pages of my life's' chapters it became quite clear that my family was linked together by a common thread. That being the many facets of the arts.

Robert Hager

Contributing their many talents as illustrators, or cartoonists, the Broadway Stage and those interesting chapters of Madison Avenues advertising agencies.

I'm Not Alone...
I guess it was a natural progression for me to pick up the baton and carry on the family's tradition. Attending The School of Visual Arts, The New York School of Graphic Arts. Coupled with both Bergen Community College and Design On Disk for the PC and Mac platforms. And finally owning my own design studio Gra-Fix Plus, Inc. for over 25years.

This picture titled... "SHARK", for a Magazine Illustration - School of Visual Arts... "Where it all began"
Now the most exciting chapter for me, my contribution to the arts through my Mallard Lane Gallery. I am currently a member of The Truro Group, PAAM & RAI. Residing both in New Jersey and in Cape Cod, where I've devoted all of my passion for the cape through my paintings depicting scenes of the lower and outer venues.

And I wish to share these pictures with everyone, giving you a moment of quiet pleasure and enduring peace through my landscapes.

"Brush Strokes of Life" By Robert Hager

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